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Feb '14

That’s how much I miss you

Not a single day, not a single moment, goes by without me thinking of you…

Feb '14

Flying Kisses in a Bottle

If I could save flying kisses in a bottle, I would have saved a precious one last night.

Jan '14

I work out

Everyday, I see progress. It is small but it is there. And that’s what motivates me.

Jan '14

A time to look forward…

It is already the second day of 2014, but the new year’s excitement hasn’t faded away yet. Maybe because there are so many good things to look forward to. Whew! My heart is just filled with joy at the moment.


Jan '14

Happy New Year!

My Mom's Chrysanthemum Plant

While most flower bouquets end up in trash bins after a few days, my mom had a different plan for her birthday bouquet. She planted the chrysanthemums with the hope that they will grow new shoots.

Not only did they grow new shoots, but they are now about to bloom.

Just like this chrysanthemum plant, we too can have a fresh, new start. Happy New Year everyone!